Journey to Heaven

The end of the year is upon us and I find myself growing as I continue my self investigation through my imagery. I continue to pursue my stream of thought when drawing however as with all my prior work this year the narrative continues to be explored.  I'm tending for a more simpler story line with less confusion for interpretation. 

Left side view.

Mademoiselle Davignon Redux

As with Mademoiselle Davingnon Redux this piece is about one moment in time.

All the paintings and drawings have a story to tell. I've always preferred to let the viewer come up with their own story before disclosing mine.  It is fun and in many cases I've found interpretations or visuals that I've never seen, at least in my conscience mind.

In Journey to Heaven, I asked my wife early on, what she saw. The green tree/plant with the two beings standing on top, was seen by her as legs in a spiral circling around.

Top detail.

I never saw it. To me it was just a tree with eyes being used as a place where the two souls could look out into this surreal landscape. This topsy turvy world with oceans above and land below showing the road to heaven for the assembled. 

What is your interpretation?  Please share your thoughts with me below. Any other questions?

Bottom detail.

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