The Studio and My Art

In January of 2016 I decided to follow my passion and begin drawing and painting again. It took some time just to get going with other things in life getting in the way. In March I took the first step.

That first step was to set up my home studio.  With a little bit of time, sweat, drywall, and other materials I began the repair of a large basement room in my home.  

An early oil painting with a heavy impasto took forever to dry. 

Once that part was done it was time to set up the room and begin to work.  I had no idea where this journey would take me since my spirit had not gone in this direction for many years. I thought just getting my mind into the right mode so just started to draw and paint.  

It soon became apparent that oil painting wouldn't work. I couldn't stand waiting for the paint to dry which could take a good bit of time. I then switched to Acrylics and started on paper and then canvas. The results can be seen in my galleries. 

I'm sure the evolution will continue.

Studio construction was ongoing for over a month.

The working studio with finished pieces on the wall, some framed drawings to the right and unfinished canvases on the floor and easel.