The Making of a Painting, Two Flowers

I recently finished a new painting titled, "Two Flowers." Many people have asked how they evolve.  I took a few photos (with my iPhone) of this new painting to help show the process. 

After the preparation of the canvas I use black paint to draw the initial images. It is a free-flowing process in which I don't think about anything, allowing my subconscious mind to take over. The images happen very quickly.  

I'm sure Mr. Freud would have a field day interpreting my work. 

Next, I begin the slow process of bringing in colors. The colors, in most cases, is the build-up of many layers utilizing the attributes of the paint. I love how colors meet and the accidental happenings that occur during the process.  

I utilize limited light to help create vivid and rich colors on the canvas.  Imagine painting in a dimly lit room with the intention of your work shining in the darkness. This process was learned from an old teacher and longtime mentor, Edward Togneri.

Process Images: