How I made my painting: Birds Eye View

I'm just a lover of the process of making things so its my nature to document my pieces. 

Survival of the fittest is a constant plot. In this piece the theme is again present as some fish and a bird feed on lesser species. But are they the ones in control of this universe?  I really don't think so. I'd love to hear from you regarding your thoughts.

Birds Eye View, 24" x 14" x 2", other views may be seen on my website in PAINTINGS

The paintings are spontaneous at inception as I create my initial piece with a soft pencil and acrylic paint using a small brush. Prior, I stretch and prime my canvas with a base color (in this case blue) as an underpainting to affect my color palette for the piece. The paintings in there own way are very detailed using only small brushes. I layer paint and use thin washes to create varying colors and rich textures.